Gloves Digitizing Services

Gloves Digitizing Services with The EMB Digitizing

With our glove digitizing, you can give your gloves a tough and macho look. Digitizing your embroideries is the first step to making them look great and last for decades! With our digitizing software we can work directly on your images, saving you hours of time and transforming boring designs into exciting ones. We also offer professional embroidery digitizing services: we turn low quality PDF patterns to high quality machine-embroidered designs at affordable prices. Digitized gloves are designed to give hands their longest life span while keeping them warm with style all the way up the arm. Worldwide, humans are now switching over from cotton gloves to digitized gloves as they are both warmer and more durable than any other glove material out there. Stitching textured yarns together in a vertical direction.

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